archive • CYCLE 10-Thinking through Tradition: Crafts and Contemporary practices
Thinking through Tradition
04 July, 2017 to 25 July, 2017
India has many art worlds that exist alongside each other; sometimes ignorant of each other’s presence and at other times interacting with each other to create a rich dialogue. This is the case of the contemporary Indian art and craft scene. India’s craft traditions have inspired many artists, be it in terms of technique, imagery or philosophy. Piramal Art Residency invites visual artists whose works draw from craft traditions as well as artists who are open to exploring the world of Indian craft to apply for this residency. The residency is also open to artists from traditional craft backgrounds who are pushing the envelope of their inherited practice to create a different sense of the contemporary.

Artists from different parts of the country, showcased their work developed during this Art Residency from 4PM to 7PM on 25 July 2017.

Venue: Piramal Art Residency, Piramal Vaikunth, Balkum Rd, Dhokali, Thane West, Maharashtra 400608

Held at Piramal Art Residency, in Piramal Vaikunth, Piramal Realty’s 32-acre mixed-use development, the tenth Open Studio Day was held under the theme ‘Thinking through tradition.’

Saikiran Dhanalakota from Hyderabad- Cherial
Mahmadjabbar Aarab Khatri from Bhuj – Rogan
Meenakshi from Gulbarga - Embroidery
Krishna Kumar Jha from Bihar- Madhubani
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