18 January, 2019 to 03 February, 2019
The Public Art Programme: Phase 2
Curated by
Brijeshwari Gohil and Sayali Mundye

India’s cultural diversity is one which, lures travellers from all over the world. With each region of India having its own set of languages, rituals, beliefs and styles of art, Indian art per se has evolved through centuries. ‘The Public Art Programme: Kurla’ presents five curated displays of Indian art. These displays are a compressed version of the various monumental artistic transitions, which the country has seen over time. Displayed is a brief history of Indian art, showcasing the distinctive movements that punctuated that period.

The creative journey of Indian art has evolved from the creation of objects used in the mundane, to etching what one saw every day to present day, where the artists amalgamate their individual footprints onto a canvas. The uses of materials such as localised pigments have become traditions of a bygone era now with artists having the expertise, knowledge and availability of a plethora of choices. The objects display this ever-changing journey of Indian art focusing on style, material and subject matter.

  1. Art of Beauty
  2. Art of Miniature Painting
  3. Art of Tanjore Painting
  4. Art of Madras School
  5. Art of the New Age